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    Butterfly Milling Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools , Carbide Milling Cutters Anti Collapse


Detailed Product Description


                      Wholesales price for boat building types XJMG1204-SY Long-life Product Milling Inserts Butterfly Milling


1. Excellent surface finish due to the exceptional stability

2. High product consistency

3. Insert geometries and grades for all materials

4. A large standard product range of tools and thread profile inserts

5. Tailor made inserts available

6. Reduced machine and downtime

Carbide Milling Inserts CNC Cutting Tools Boat Building:


Butterfly  milling Inserts series , it suitable for surface milling, Boating Building Milling has the advantage of high versatility ,long working life and high cost performance .

KT8255 grade it’s fully applicable to steel ,cast iron, stainless steel,and super hard materials ,semi-finish milling.

1.Unique post-blade double angle and side edge enhancement design with edge strengthening treatment;

2.KT8255 grade adopts the super-fine grain strength matrix of metal phase reinforcement technology, greatly improves the bending strength and thermal shock resistance of inserts while keep the same.

The main advantage of high feed milling is high productivity.

Using high feed milling requires a small main Angle.

We offer a series of high feed milling cutters, including transposable, integral and replaceable milling cutters, enabling you to take full advantage of the high feed milling process.



Zhuzhou Kelite Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. produce an extensive range of tungsten carbide grades inhouse including the popular ISO application grades of K05,K10,K20,K30,K40,P10,P20 & P30/40, as well as numerous special Cobalt and also Nickel binder tungsten carbide grades for use in corrosine resistant applictions.

Our production are exported to UK, European, Japan, Taiwan and South-east Asia etc.

Products photoes:

Part of our advanced machine from switzerland:

Part of zhuzhou kelite workshop:

Full automatic pressure ------ Vaccum sintering furnace  ------Double side surface molding grinding machine  ------Full automatic cnc grinding----- Polish-----Coating 

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Q: What information should I let you know if i want to get a quotation?

A: The specifications of the products.

The quantity.

If it is possible, please also provide the application of products, we will recommend relevance products with details for reference.

Q: Do you inspect the finished products?

A: Yes. Each step of production and finished products will be carried out inspection by QC department before shipping.

Q: Can you guarantee the prompt delivery?

A: Yes, the production process will be informed to you promptly.

Q: What is the shipping cost?

A: The shipping cost is determained by the destination port, weight, packing size, total CBM of the

products, we will quote you the resonable shipping cost after you decide the order.

The common types are always in stock, we can offer free samples for testing.