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    TNMG Series Of Tungsten Carbide Turning Insert Cutter Blade For Cutting Cast Iron / Steel


Detailed Product Description


                                TNMG Series of Tungsten Carbide Turning Insert Cutter Blade for Cutting Cast Iron /Steel and Stainless


TNMG it's one type of general  turning Inserts,it's very welcomed by our customers all over the world.

Have various size ,chipbraeaks and grade for choice, normally it's 16 size ,  with different corner redius.

Suitable to the holders DTGNR/L PTFNR/L PTTNR/L etc at the same it can used in different situations during machical turning process conditions.

It's coated cemented carbide usally yellow and black CVD and PVD coating ,we also can provide other colors for examples purple / grey , or uncoated products if customer need.

This type it's usally have samples in stock,both steel ,stainless and cast iron grade.


For Steel grade P10-P25  it's versatile and excellet for finishing through rough operation on a wide range of steels.

For M05-M30 grade, it's suitable for light, medium milling;finishing ,semi-finishing of stainless and high temp alloy.

For K05-K25 grade, it is the first choice for medium to rough machining of cast iron ,nodular cast iron and under high cutting speed.

Our grade:




Feature Advantage:

1. TNMG it's a  Kind of General Turning Inserts, kelite have manufacture these types of insert  for many years experience.

2. We have have regular orders from our customers all over the world ,already very stable quality.

3. Have PM ,DM ,HM for semifinish; b95c3d50fa47443166f7d356eaed8006 ,EF for finish ; DR ,CR, BR for rough process conditions.

4. Have different size ,coated color have yellow , black , purple ,grey ,broze and different chipbreakers for choice.

5. Usally we have samples in stock ,we produce very large quantity every month, in this way price it's lowest for our customers all over the world.